audio with realistic timbre

At home with Rob Hoogenbosch

Rob is a teacher, most of the time he is happy....I know Rob for quite a time now, and since I dragged a pushpull EL34 amp into his home, I can't get rid of him anymore...(haha). Rob loves music, mainly Jazz. Miles' is numero uno, no number played by Miles may be early terminated...Rob wants the best possible for his money, lots of equipment, pre-fab as well as self built, have been listened to. His current installation consists of a Denon CD-player, Sony minidisc, tube preamp and mono-blocks and open baffles. The amplifiers and open baffles are home made. Interlinks and speaker cable are also home made, using teflon and pure silver.

...the installation, nicely made out of the wood of parquet...

As you can see at the photos, Rob has placed the amps on a low cabinet, with both the CD- and MD-player "hidden" in a demounted drawer.. The units used in the open baffles, are the Philips 9710 with Ferrodure magnet. You can read about his monoblocks at "Projects". The pre-amp is built double mono. Each side has its own RGN 1064 Mesh and REN904 with a 6688 in a mu-stage. The powertransformers and chokes used are from  AE-Europe.

..preamp, built double mono....

Rob's favourites are "space and detail", that's what he prefers in sound reproduction. Furthermost is being able to listen for many hours without fatigue, very important. However, things must not sound dull! Since the monoblocks are recently finished, the sound is fluctuating and not representative at this time. In due time things are gonna sound very good here! Anyone who thinks that a 20cm full range unit can not produce serious bass, most come over and have a listen at Rob's!

..Valvo CA en KR PX-25 are the main performers here...