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LP Tango Extremo Live STS-Digital

What happens when a really skilled sound engineer records live classical music using the nowadays best available components? Well, you get "Extremo" quality..
Fritz de With from STS-Digital is a skilled and experienced sound-engineer, titles himself balance engineer, and is a sort of audiophile. So it is not a surprise that he uses very good recording components, from cabling and microphones up to the actual recording components. His long career in the recording business in combination with his audiophile-ish love for music has evolved into very specific recording techniques. Pigheaded as he is, he only agrees in recording if it can be done his way using his components. Period.

STS-Digital Tango Extremo Live
Tango Extremo - A Dutch ensemble..

Tango extremo is a Dutch ensemble that tours around the world and plays their own interpretation of Argentinian Tango (according to their website) but also known famous works like the Matthaus Passion. This is their first release on vinyl which was digitally recorded in 2013 in Baarn, the Netherlands, by STS-Digital. The ensemble consists of 5 musicians and was founded by Tanya Schaap. This Live recording has 8 tracks and is all about the tango..

STS-Digital Tango Extremo Live
STS-Digital Tango Extremo Live
As you can see, only well known audio brands were somehow involved..

Play that record!
STS-Digital Tango Extremo Live
What you can not see is that this is a 180 grams issue, which is great. When the needle hits the record no noise is audible as unfortunately often is the case with many modern vinyl issues. This means that the teensy details of the ambiance of Theatre De Speeldoos are presented in the listening room. Instruments are of the right size and are easily pinpointed in the stereo image, which is deep and wide. The one thing that I particularly like is that the tone of the instruments is spot on. Not a bit of "digital" harshness, no matter how loud the record is played.

And how about the music? Easy, if you fancy quality classical ensembles playing tango variations, this record is a must have!

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STS-Digital Tango Extremo Live