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Power supplied by Naydenov! (2)
May 23rd, 2021 16:41
The new preamplifier's power supply is running for almost a week now. Proofing stable in voltage and it remains quiet, no mechanic noise, nothing. Once a really silent operating power transformer is in the system, you can not go back. Silence is a big part of music, paradoxically. 
So how is the new power supply doing compared to the old one? Well..  actually it delivers just about the same high- and filament voltages. Well, maybe one difference: the two filament voltages differ a bit from each other in the old supply, where they are exactly the same in the new supply. But hey, these are both connected with an umbellical cord to the preamplfier where they feed Coleman supplies. So what?

Power by Naydenov
Both power supplies, left new and right the old one. Both with RGN1404 as rectifier.

When the new supply was hooked up in the system for the first time, the difference in sound compared to the old one was big. It was like the preamplifier just had had a blood transfusion. Swithing back and forth showed the same effect: Very easy to recognise the difference.. The new supply gives more energy to the sound, more attack and pulse on instruments, more tone to voices. And the background is more silent, black as most say. All in all a real upgrade, no going back anymore..

Power from Naydenov
Operational next to the phono's regulated supply..

Lots of (older) power transformers do produce a buzzing noise. When switched on, the mains is put on the primary and will excite the core which starts buzzing when winded the classical manner. Most of the times it is accepted that transformers for industrial purposes make a buzzing noise, they are situated a separte house in the street so that no one will bother. However when an industrial buzzing transformer is used for audio, the buzzing will not only be audible, but will resonate as well on its chassis, influencing the overall performance of the amplifier. Even when put on rubber standoffs the vibrations are transferred to the chassis. And, most of the times, a buzzing transformer will have a bigger stray field.

For this we do like our audio transformers to be completely silent and Alexander managed to do so. The effect on sound of a well designed and winded power transformer and choke may not be neglected anymore, that is the lesson learned.
I do need more power by Naydenov..